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Rupert Wheeler



Rupert is an experienced defence attorney with an excellent record for success in trials. He has exceptional client care skills, is approachable in his manner and is often commended for his attention to detail.

Rupert was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2010, and the Cayman Islands in 2019. Practicing primarily in London, Rupert was sole counsel for defendants charged with attempted murder, historical inter-familial rape of a child, inter-gang gun point kidnapping, and child abduction. Rupert is known for his jury advocacy and written legal submissions. He has taken several cases to the Court of Appeal in respect of both sentence and conviction.

Rupert has a strong interest in public and civil law matters that arise in the field of criminal justice. He feels that it is vital that the State is held to account when it acts unlawfully or in excess of its power. To that end, he has advised and mounted numerous claims against a wide range of entities and organisations including courts, prosecutors, the police and prisons. He has represented people facing extradition both at first instance and on appeal.

Beyond work in the field of domestic law, Rupert has undertaken international criminal work at the ICTY in the Hague. He has written a wide range of articles on various aspects of criminal law and was formerly on the Executive Committee for the Bar Human Rights Committee in England.