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Employer's Liability / Accidents at Work

Where you have been injured in the course of your employment, we are able to pursue an Employer’s liability claim on your behalf. Employers have a statutory duty pursuant to Section 58 of the Cayman Islands Labour Act to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees. Where injuries occur, it is often because of poor procedures, inadequate training or defective equipment, all demonstrative of a breach of an employer’s legal obligations.

In such circumstances you may be entitled to claim not only for damages to compensate you for any physical or psychological injury, but also for loss of earnings, care and assistance or your handicap on the open labour market, otherwise known as a Smith v Manchester award.

We are able to secure medio-legal reports on your behalf in order to fully assess and report upon the extent of your injury and can arrange rehabilitation treatment (with no upfront cost to you) to ensure that you can return to pre-accident health as soon as possible.