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Our highly experienced and skilled regulatory law and business crime Attorneys are able to advise and support professionals in all aspects of their dealings with their regulatory body. We are instructed across legal, financial, education, healthcare, charitable, and sports sectors.

Regulation and compliance has expanded into most professions both for the individual and the organisation. Regulatory law has become increasingly complex and the consequences of a breach more draconian.

The team at Samson Law are able to provide prompt and expert advice at the highest standard before or after any regulatory investigation or intervention. We understand the importance of resolving any regulatory issues, for the successful operation of the organisation and for an individual to successfully continue in their chosen profession, but also in protecting the reputation of both.

Our business crime lawyers can help in the following ways with any regulatory investigation:

  • Expert preparation prior to a regulatory interview
  • Analysis of material and obtaining further disclosure
  • Instructing experts
  • Proactive defending
  • Negotiations to achieve suitable outcomes
  • Advising and representation in any parallel criminal proceedings

If an individual is accused of wrongdoing which may involve unlawful elements, our regulatory law and business crime experts are adept at advising on, and managing the regulatory investigation which may commence prior, and inevitably at a faster pace, to any potential or parallel criminal investigation.

We understand the importance of a coordinated approach to ensure that any steps taken in the regulatory investigation protect our client's interests in any other related investigations or enforcement. Our business crime lawyers understand how material provided in the regulatory investigation can potentially be relied on in a criminal investigation. Our team's skilled and sensitive approach can assist in steering a regulatory investigation away from other, more draconian measures.

Our dedicated team of regulatory law and business crime solicitors will provide a personal, bespoke, timely and expert service to assist you with all of your regulatory needs.